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Day at Sea

Quick Details

Day at sea 8am - 12:30pm
Sunrise at Sea 6:30am - 11am
Sunset Cruise 3pm - Sunset

Private Charter Boat on the Kohala Coast

Day at Sea or Afternoon/ Sunset

Boating at its best. You enjoy, we do the rest.

Join us on the Kohala Coast for an unforgettable day at sea. It’s your day it’s you adventure. Choose your desired adventures ahead of time or make the day as you go. Optional activities include:

Cruise the coast and see what the day brings

Sometimes the journey is the destination. Enjoy the coastal views as we cruise at a comfortable pace and see what the day brings.  

Look for Dolphins

The dolphins of the Kohala Coast are frequently seen as we cruise along the coast. Our crew puts the safety and health of the dolphins first. This  allows you to observe their natural actions at a safe distance without disrupting their critical resting behaviors. Occasionally active dolphin pods have been known to be curious and visit our snorkelers while we are at one of our many great snorkeling sites. 

Whales seasonally (November thru APRIL)

Discover the unparalleled beauty of the Kohala coast on this once-in-a-lifetime tour! Watch as some of the ocean’s most majestic creatures, humpback whales, crest above the water as they congregate on the Kohala Coast of Hawaii. 

Bird watching

As you cruise the coast active populations of sea birds are often sited. If there is a particular Hawaii species that interests you our crew may be able to seek out areas where they congregate, Weather and seasonally dependent. 

Put out a fishing line to see if a fish wants to bite   

While you cruise the coast and see the sites why not see if you can get lucky and hook a big one. Mahi, ono and Tuna have all been caught while cruising along the Kohala Coast. Is it your day? 


Optional stops at up to 2 mooring sites, high quality snorkel gear, Flotation stations and a lifeguard or divemaster certified guide to lead and point out the interesting marine life found below. We care about the marine environment and our naturalist certified guide will also give you info on the fragile environment and how to interact in a positive way.    


Choose our afternoon charter time and enjoy the above ending with a gorgeous Kohala Coast sunset.